Key facts

The Emirates Stadium, also known as Ashburton Grove or Arsenal Stadium, is the home-stadium for Arsenal F.C. located in Holloway, London, England. It is considered as the third-largest football stadium after Old Trafford and Wembley Stadium.

The overall capacity of the stadium is around 60.000 visitors.

The surface of the stadium is covered by the GrassMaster which is the hybrid of the grass and artificial fibers. The stadium has translucent polycarbonate roofing over the stands, but not over the pitch with the intention to provide the sunlight and sense of an open space.

The roof is supported by four struts made of welded steel. Two of those struts are spread for 200  meters in a north-south direction and another two span in an east-west direction relatively. Those struts, in turn, are supported by the vertical concrete mandrills that house four stairways and a passenger lift each.  Facade of the stadium is made of either glass or wood, the usage of glass and steel in the construction allowed to create an impression that the stadium sparkles on the sun and glows in the night.

The standard seatings are located at the upper and lower parts of the stadium. All support facilities like press and education centers, kitchen, and changing rooms are located throughout the two levels located below ground. The middle part of the stadium, known as ‘Club Level', has 7.139 seats that also provide a place for the director's box. Tickets for those seats are premium-priced and are sold on licenses lasting from one to four years. A small circle consisting of 150 boxes of 10, 12, and 15 seats is located right above the ‘Club Level'. The total capacity of that tier is 2.222 spectators. The overall revenue from the corporate boxes and premium seating due to the premium-price level may be nearly as high as the revenue from the entire stadium.

In the north-west and south-east corners of the stadium, there are two giant screens providing HDTV streaming for those outside of the stadium which is the part of a deal with Sony.

The pitch size is 105 by 68 meters (115 by 74 yd), the overall grass area is 13 by 76 meters (124 by 83 yd) in size.

The Emirates Stadium pays to contribute to Arsenal's former home in Highbury. The club's offices located north-east of the Emirates Stadium are officially called the Highbury House. The busts of Herbert Chapman( English association football player and manager), Denis Hill-Wood (former Arsenal chairman), Claude Ferrier (architect of Highbury East stand), and a team manager Arsène Wenger have been replaced to the entrance of the Diamond Club in the new stadium in London.