Emirates Stadium Location

The Emirates Stadium is located in Holloway, London, England which is located minutes away from the Central London. The area was chosen as the site for the new stadium as it was in close access to the former stadium in Highbury. The 17-acres land is surrounded by the railway to the west and east and is bounded by Queensland Road to the south.
The land was previously an industrial estate occupied by a number of loosely places building and yards. Therefore, to prepare it for construction, the main designer of the stadium Robert McAlpine had to remove 25.000 cubic meters of soil and debris.
Queensland Road, Ashburton Grove, and Emily Place are the main point of access to the stadium.
The Ashburton Grove has historically been the border between residential and leaving areas spread from the north and east to the west relatively.
Now Arsenal is investing funds in the construction of 2.300 buildings and facilities around the territory of the stadium.